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    Terry Boyd

    Okay, we’ve had listings for fintech, insurtech, digital media, health, blockchain… you name it. But we’ve never had a music startup event till now.

    Tah-dah … BIME connects music, tech, entrepreneurship and innovation. As it’s in Spain, it’s the meeting point for the Spanish music industry, as well as a bridge between creative industries professionals from Europe and Latin America. “BIME promotes cultural exchange to enhance talent and new ideas,” according to the website.

    We hear you snickering, so understand that BIME is about how new thinking can generate new revenue. So yeah, it’s about creating the next-gen music business.

    As such, it has attracted some of the biggest names in music including Imagine Dragon, PJ Harvey and the Chemical Brothers have played at the BIME LIve concerts that are part of this multi-day event.

    So, here’s a breakdown of the events:

    BIME Pro Fest is a congress for music festivals in Spain

    BIME Pro Startups is, well, the startup event for new digital music-industry biz models

    BIME Pro Campus is for future industry execs

    BIME Pro Vid & Sound is for the techs who make it possible for the artists to make the magic happen

    There are also legal, business and game sessions.

    There are 220 speakers and showcases for new talent. All and all, a vacation/party in Spain you can write off on the company expense account.

    The sessions pass is 65 euros, and a full pass to the live music events AND conference is 110 euros.

    You can get your tickets here.

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