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    Barcelona –The Rowmuda Triangle: After you’ve pocketed your winnings from Spain’s famous El Gordo lottery, hit the showers, and throw on your freshest threads, get back to raving from the late morning into the late evening of the first day of 2019 at Barcelona’s Elrow. DJs including Adam Beyer, Toni Varga, Eddy M, Gadi, and others will keep the party spirit going.

    This sells out every year, but the third ticket release is on sale now for 66 euros. Elrow is Barcelona’s most popular club, famous for its New Year’s Day party, which starts at 11 a.m. and runs till …. The main operation is Elrow, Row 14, a 4,500-capacity venue just outside Barcelona.

    Elrow is also an international promotional brand that stages dance parties in 52 cities, famous for production values and props. And it all started in Barcelona.

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