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    Terry Boyd
    Keymaster MIRA Festival is where music, the arts and digital technology come together to experiment. To be specific, it’s a “digital arts festival based on three interconnected areas: exhibition, dissemination and education.” We looked it up.

    From 8 thru 10 November, MIRA returns to Barcelona for its ninth year, part music-industry show, part preview of the future of entertainment in on Big Brain event. MIRA is focused on new trends in digital culture and technology and features a program of audiovisual shows in both traditional and fulldome formats, digital art installations, 3D sound shows, fulldome screenings, conferences, presentations and workshops.

    Let’s just say it: Any event that brings together Tangerine Dream from the ’60s, mega music (U2 and Bob Dylan) /movie (“Million Dollar Hotel”) producer Daniel Lanois from the ’80s and DJ Stingray is going to be memorable.

    The opening concert includes experimental musician GAIKA making his Spanish debut with a live A/V show, and label/ agency PAN hosting a showcase with Amnesia Scanner As Oracle Live A/V, M.E.S.H. feat. Michael Guidetti Live A/V, Eartheater Live plus others.

    The MIRA 2018 Festival conference program looks at “hedonism, the human condition in the pursuit of pleasure and expansion and the connections that exist in the digital, technological and artistic fields,” according to the news release. “Through 3 conferences we will explore different projects and visions that revolve around the notion of pleasure within the digital era and art as a catalyst for hedonistic experiences.”

    For the record, we’re all about hedonism.

    There are also talks including:

    • Claire Tolan., an American artist who has done research on ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) therapy, will present her new role-playing game The State of ShÜSh.

    • Spanish-Serbian artist Filip Custic exhibiting and hosting a Q&A exploring the theme of technological hedonism, while discussing his methodical approach and vision of art.

    You can see the full lineup of events and conferences here.

    Tickets start at 20 euros for a day, or you can get the full three-day package for 70 euros. You can get yours here.

    Mind. Blown.

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