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    Terry Boyd

    An island in the Danube outside Budapest, Hungary – Sziget: We checked with our Hungarian connection and Sziget is the festival they rate as the top festival in Hungary, Romania and the whole of Eastern Europe.

    We looked at the lineup and you know what? They’re right.

    For 2019, Sziget runs from 7 thru 13 August. During that week, expect to hear the Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Florence and the Machine, Post Malone, Martin Garrix, The 1975 (who, by the way, were trapped in that plexiglas cube way before Billie Eilish and Khalid), Franz Ferdinand, James Blake, The Blaze and just about everyone who ever recorded a song.

    There are also lots of others stuff to do as festivals figure out that concert goers expect an experience. The funny thing is, this festival is in Hungary, which is now under an authoritarian regime. So we have to salute organizers for a theme that’s diametrically opposed to the regime – “The power of diversity is a unifying force that can help create change around us.”
    Go support them ….

    Tickets start at 75 euros for the day, and 219 euros for a 3-day pass. You can get them here. And thanks Ime and Malinda for giving us the scoop on Sziget.

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