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    Terry Boyd

    WANTED: software developer with signal processing and C/C++ experience
    Our start-up AlphaBeats aims at ridding the world of stress through biofeedback technology and music. To push our innovative algorithm forward we are hiring a sharp and experienced software developer with signal processing skills. Since we are serious about bettering the world, we are looking for someone who also shares our values on conscious living. In other words, a pinch of Dalai Lama to augment your inner Bill Gates.

    THE JOB – this is what you will do:
    designing, building and maintaining efficient, reusable and reliable C/C++ and/or Python code (both is a plus!)
    creating high-level designs (HLD)
    performing analysis, design and implementation
    testing code
    THE SKILLS – this is what you have:
    experience with C/C++ and/or Python programming language
    a good understanding of data structures and algorithms
    excellent problem solving skills
    experience in signal processing
    experience in general control engineering
    THE EXTRA’S – it would be great if you also have:
    experience with node.js and nodegyp bindings
    experience in building web services
    experience in physiology to measure vital signs like ECG, PPG, EEG and skin conductivity
    experience in processing and feature extraction of physiological signals
    Other specs:
    you live (kinda) close to Eindhoven (or are willing to travel)
    fulltime job with 2-4 days per week in the actual office
    HBO+ level
    4 years experience (or convince us that you can do without it!)
    At AlphaBeats we develop technology to help you relax and get into the ‘alpha state’ while listening to your favourite music. Using biofeedback like breath rate and heart rate our algorithm determines your stress levels and then tweaks the music you listen to. As a result your brain starts creating relaxing alpha waves. It’s a kinda magic… and it works!

    On a mission
    Just like any other healthy, idealistic and ambitious start-up we want to change the world. And change it fast! Our mission is to fix the problem of stress, that omnipresent disease that lies at the heart of so many other ailments, like burnout, anxiety, sleeping problems, you name it.

    How do we do it?
    It would be great if we could get everyone to meditate and practice yoga. But since we don’t have the time (or patience), we’re invoking the help of technology and music to help your brain create relaxing alpha waves. Just 10 minutes a day of listening to your favourite tunes through the AlphaBeats filter will give you a new lease on life.

    Why should you join us?
    work on creating a better world by fighting our common enemy: stress
    join an enthusiastic and idealistic team of innovators on a mission
    be part of a rapidly growing start-up and learn how to transform your dreams and visions into practical high-tech reality
    expand your network on the smartest square kilometre in Europe: the High Tech Campus Eindhoven
    We would love to receive your application. Please mail it to [email protected]

    If you have any questions give us a call 0031 (0)6 4579 0013

    We kindly ask recruiters and employment agencies to refrain from forwarding unsolicited CVs in response to open positions on our careers page or social media posts.

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