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    Terry Boyd

    We have to start by plugging the hometown team.

    Based in Amsterdam (an hour from our HQ in Eindhoven), Adyen is the most Silicon Valley-like company in the Netherlands, exceeding all expectations through hustle and vision. At the beginning of 2018, eBay announced it would dump iconic payment pioneer PayPal in favor of Adyen as its payment system.

    Adyen is so new that hardly anyone even knows how to pronounce it. Ahh-den? Ad-yen? No. The correct pronunciation (at least in Dutch) is ah-je-in, with founder Pieter van der Does taking it from Sranan Tongo, which we had to look up. (It’s a language in former Dutch colony Suriname and Adyen means “start again,” because this is van der Does’s second startup after Bibit.)

    Adyen has a ton of jobs across Europe from Amsterdam to Madrid.

    Here’s a sample:

    Java Developer in Amsterdam

    Linux System Engineer in Amsterdam

    Junior Account Manager, Madrid (Must speak Spanish and English)

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