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    Terry Boyd

    This isn’t Europe, but it’s a relatively quick flight away. And it is warm and dry in the middle of the winter.

    This club has a LOT going on! Mathame – the audio project from Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli – will be joined by Manchester duo Solardo on Friday 1 February. The Mancunian kings of the underground continue to win kudos for their roles as not just popular DJs, but also as owners of the Sola label as well as innovative producers.

    The Gia Sai showcase on Friday 8 February has Paris-born New Yorker Salome joined by Damian Lazarus. With sought-after pair Andhim and Detroit techno innovator Stacey Pullen in attendance on the 15th, February’s line-up is rounded out by the Ibiza regular Bas Ibellini and a very special to be announced guest, according to the Blue Marlin website.

    You can get tickets here.

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