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    Terry Boyd

    N26 is no startup, but it’s still a privately held virtual bank. N26 is one of the more successful young Fintech companies with 2 million customers, about $1.5 billion in transactions every month and about 1 billion in deposits. Which is nice, but for a bit of context, the largest American banks such as NYC-based Chase and San Francisco-based Wells Fargo average about $1.3 trillion with a “T” in deposits. So N26 has plenty of room to run.

    What makes N26 a career opportunity is that it doesn’t have any tellers, but it needs tons of techies.

    As we’ve reported many times before, N26 has dozens and dozens of jobs for those with the right skills. The question is, will N26 be acquired, or will it go public? Only time will tell.

    Here are the openings in Barcelona.

    Here are the openings in Berlin-Mitte

    And now, N26 is moving into New York. Here are those jobs.

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