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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in EindhovenExpats in Eindhoven 2 months ago

    BEYOND TECH, 11 APRIL in Eindhoven
    (Full disclosure: Dispatches Europe is a HighTechXL partner.)

    Beyond Tech is shaping up to be THE premier high-tech conference in the Netherlands as HighTechXL opens registration to regional, national and global startups, investors, corporate partners and community leaders in love with high tech.

    11 April…>

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    Eindhoven – Robot Love: Ah, only Eindhoven – one of Europe’s ultra-high-tech centers – would pine away for robots.

    “Robot Love” runs now through 2 December. The exhibition is a large-scale combination of art, education and events dedicated to examining the links between humans and our cyborg friends.…>

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    On July 2, we hosted a full-day hackathon to identify new applications for three CERN technologies:

    Accurate temperature control using CO2
    Long-distance structured laser beam
    Compact high-frequency particle accelerator
    Six teams formed and further developed their business propositions over the…>

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    Details coming together for debut Tech Sister Cities program
    We’ve been working ’round-the-clock trying to finalize details for Dispatches’ subsidiary Tech Sister Cities’ first event, and we’re almost there.

    “Eyes Wide Open” will bring private equity investor Jonathan Blue from Blue Equity to Eindhoven on 12 September.

    Our first event will…>

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    You know the War for Talent is getting serious when cities are offering all-expense-paid trips to check out ecosystems. But that’s the deal with Tech Xperience Week here in Eindhoven.

    Brainport Eindhoven, our local economic-development agency, is recruiting “10 talented professionals who are willing to exp…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in EindhovenExpats in Eindhoven 9 months ago


    One of the perpetual knocks on the technology industry, especially the digital side, is that it’s dominated by tech bros, the jocks and frat boys who populate the ecosystems of The Valley, Austin, Boston and New York.

    So Eindhoven-based entrepreneur and model Nadia Dekkers has founded YNTL, a recruitment a…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in EindhovenExpats in Eindhoven 10 months ago


    On 5 July, HighTechXL will introduce its new, more interactive format for XL Day.

    In fact, they’ve reinvented the whole program. Instead of a conventional demo day, the new format includes:

    Matchmaking rounds to pair startups with investors and startups with corporate partners.
    Pitch Competition with startups p…>

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    The Indian Cultural Festival event is 9 June 2018 at The Hub Eindhoven. It’s organized by ProvisionHop and AspiringZone.

    It facilitates activities which contribute to the main goals:

    • Facilitates interaction among Indians, international and locals.
    • Exhibits Indian fine arts and culture
    • Strengthens collaboration among Indian group…>

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    How many times in life do you get to use CERN research as the foundation on which to build your own fast-growing, high-tech company?

    Take this singular opportunity and join us July 2 for the CERN hackathon. Apply by June 25 for your place in history.

    HighTechXL is bringing together the world’s most advanced r…>

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    Erp – 7th Sunday: One of the Netherlands’ biggies, and 7th Sunday on 20 May is just outside the major expat center( and Dispatches HQ – of Eindhoven between Helmond and Ertp.

    When we say “big,” we’re talking maybe 20,000 people, though crowds across the Netherlands are down a bit as stricter drug rules for D…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in EindhovenExpats in Eindhoven 1 year ago

    Street Party at Speed-Factory in Maarheeze

    The party is Sunday, 3 June. This is for fans of American Hot-Rods.
    There will be live music, food including barbeque and lots and lots of custom cars and motorcycles.

    You can get more details at: info@speedfactory.nl
    Also, see the Facebook page at:

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in EindhovenExpats in Eindhoven 1 year ago

    ASML has a new software graduate program and several other ways to attract young talent.

    Here are the details via the ASML website:

    Do you know how to program? Have you recently graduated or will you graduate in the upcoming months? Do you want to know and learn what working as a software engineer in a…>

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    Here’s your opportunity to pitch for a potential partnership with one of Europe’s major corporate players in the startup scene.

    Telecommunication giant KPN, based in Den Haag, Netherlands, has an entire New Business team that works with startups.

    This spring, KPN’s New Business division is issuing a challenge related to combining smart…>

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    The Rebirth Festival is coming to Haaren in the Eindhoven area (between Den Bosch and Eindhoven.)

    In 2018, Rebirth Festival will celebrate its 10th edition, so this calls for a ceremony on a legendary scale!

    We invite you to kick off the festival season with us once again, on April 7th and…>

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    The innovation never stops here. Inhabitat is reporting that Eindhoven will get the world’s first vertical forest that’s not for rich people.

    Vertical gardens are a thing across Europe, from Milan to Paris. But so far, they have been an amenity in wealthy neighborhoods.

    Eindhoven’s Trudo Vertical Forest will…>

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    GLOW is a light and color festival held near the end of every autumn in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, which has a history of lighting innovation and electronic technology dating back to the 19th century.

    Artists and designers from home and abroad present light art and design applications at GLOW by using new media…>

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    The 30-foot-tall hotel is the center of the firm’s Dutch Design Week installation called The Future City is Flexible. In it the firm proposes a new urban design model that is suited to the “users’ most elaborate fantasies.” The hotel has a total…>

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    Eindhoven – DDW Music 2017: There has never, ever been a festival in Eindhoven that didn’t include music, and Dutch Design Week is no different.

    As noted above, DDW is the preeminent event in this tech-and-design center. The music lives up to that global reputation, with more than 70 musical performances bet…>

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    Coming to the Netherlands? Looking for a place to stay in Eindhoven?!
    Residence32 offers fully furnished short stay apartments in the center of Eindhoven! Complete with private bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. Close to the central station and shopping areas. Including weekly cleaning and an on-site gym, for the best daily…>

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