Britain on the move: Top expat destinations outside of Europe revealed

(Editor’s note: This post about British expat destinations outside Europe is courtesy of 1st Move International and was first posted on their blog. It’s reposted here with permission.)

There are a number of reasons why locals move abroad. In the United Kingdom, many of us follow our desires to live In a warmer, less rainy country while others have to for work or family reasons.

More recently (two years to be exact), the UK government announced voters had approved leaving the European Union. Since then, the UK has in fact seen a rise in the number of individuals moving abroad either to greater Europe or farther afield.

This increase in Expat growth has seen the current estimate rise to about 6 million British citizens taking up residence in foreign countries. That’s quite a substantial number; If they were all in one place it would be the UK’s second largest city, just shy of London’s 8 million.

So if you ever find yourself wondering exactly where all these people are moving from – and where they are travelling to take up a new residence – you’re not alone.

Here at Shipit, we went back and studied more than 100,000 international removals requests that we’d received, in order to find out exactly where in the UK they are moving from and where these people are leaving Europe for.

You can see the full data displayed here:

About 1st Move International:

Based in Bristol, UK, 1st Move International uses a bespoke packing system to load goods with commercial companies that – rather than waiting weeks for a full container – ship out weekly to more than 6,400 destinations around the world. The UK’s exporters and manufacturers don’t wait weeks for their goods to be shipped from the UK, and neither do 1st Move Customers.

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